Adidas launches footprint reductions goals

German sportswear company Adidas has revealed how it plans to “create responsibility”, by unveiling numerous footprint reduction targets for 2020, which have been outlined in its latest sustainability report.

Adidas has revealed new four-year goals that aim to tackle water and energy use at its own sites and in the majority of its suppliers, while new measures to reduce waste-to-landfill and carbon emissions have also been introduced. As part of the company’s sustainability report, Adidas has committed to reducing annual carbon reductions by 3 percent each year by 2020.

In an attempt to curb water use, a new 50 percent reduction in apparel material water consumption has been set, while the company is also aiming to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by 50 percent.

Adidas has also called on these suppliers to implement a self-governance system for audits and inspections, after the company cancelled operational contracts with three suppliers which failed to comply with ethical standards in 2015.

A 2018 target to completely switch to sustainable cotton sources is also in place, with the company currently sourcing 43 percent of its global cotton from the Better Cotton initiative. (edie)