Apple makes diversity progress

New statistics from Apple show that it has made progress toward increasing its workforce’s racial and gender diversity.

The company said that 11 percent of its new US hires within the past year were black, 13 percent were Hispanic and 19 percent were Asian.

More than half of all Apple employees, 54 percent, identify as white.

When it came to gender diversity, 35 percent of Apple’s new hires globally were women.

The least diverse section is Apple’s leadership: 72 percent of employees in leadership roles are men and 63 percent are white.

Apple said it had “hired more diverse candidates” in the past 12 months than in any other year to date.

Apple’s board, however, did vote last week to reject a shareholder proposal to institute an “accelerated recruitment policy” at the firm that would target underrepresented minorities, saying that it would be too difficult to implement.

“We believe that the proposal is unduly burdensome and not necessary because Apple has demonstrated to shareholders its commitment to inclusion and diversity, which are core values for our company,” the board said.