Apple makes major renewable pledge

Apple has pledged to create enough energy through renewable sources to power its global operations.

Now it’s adding a goal to do the same for its entire manufacturing supply chain.

Apple says it generates renewable energy from solar, wind, biogas, fuel cells, geothermal and small hydropower plants, the equivalent to 87% of the energy used by its facilities worldwide. The company’s goal is to reach 100%.

Adding the supply chain, which produces hundreds of millions of products every year, will be more difficult to fullfill.

Apple says the supply chain uses roughly 60 times as much power as Apple’s own facilities.

The new target is part of Apple’s initiative to improve its environmental track record in China, which is now the company’s biggest overseas market and the base for most of its manufacturing.

Apple has been criticised for the environmental impact of its manufacturing supply chain, both in terms of pollution and the amount of carbon energy consumed.

Last month, Apple announced its first major solar energy project in China, a plan to build two 20-megawatt solar farms in Sichuan Province with partners.