Bel Group publishes first GRI G4 “Core” Sustainability Report

TheBel Group has decided, in alignment with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, to concentrate its communication on progress on material aspects by publishing its first GRI G4 “Core” CSR Report.

Bel Group is a world leader in branded cheese and the global leader in individual cheese portions.

With five universal core brands, including The Laughing Cow®, Kiri®, Leerdammer®, Boursin® and Mini Babybel®, and over 25 local brands, Bel generated sales of €2.8 billion in 2014.

Report highlights:

The 2014 CSR Report covers all Bel’s material aspects identified after its first materiality analysis conducted in 2014.

Material aspects reviewed in the 2014 CSR report include:

•    Business Ethics: 414 Bel’s suppliers have been evaluated on their CSR performance since 2011. It represents 57% of the group total purchases (liquid milk excluded). This supplier CSR performance assessment is included in Bel’s annual supplier rating system;

•    Quality, safety and traceability: 85% of Bel’s products produced in 2014 came from GFSI certified sites and 86 suppliers as well as 11 subcontractors were audited in 2014;

•    Social model of the Company: 94% of the 10,984 Bel employees benefit from at least 3 weeks of vacation per year and 90% of them from health insurance coverage;

•    Commitment to communities and to a sustainable dairy production: Bel Group has solid relationships with over 3,200 dairy producers and the Bel Foundation supported over 150 projects since 2008;

•    Proper nutritional balance and natural qualities: since 2010 over 70 product recipes have been reformulated for nutritional and natural purposes. Bel joined the SUN (Scaling Up Nutrition) network in 2014;

•    Environmental footprint: the Group’s water consumption per ton of product was 26% lower in 2014 compared with the level of 2008. Bel use of electricity per ton of product fell by 8% during the same period of time, and by 26% for the oil and gas products’ consumption;

•    Food waste: 75% of consumers state that they never throw out in individual portions and for 58% of consumers, it is the format the least likely to be wasted;

•    Information about the products: a simple, visual marking system has been defined to simplify the reading of packaging. The system will be gradually deployed to all Group packaging, throughout the world.

In 2014, Bel Group renewed its commitment to the ten principles of the Global Compact and submitted its Communication on Progress at the “Advanced” level for the second consecutive year.

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