Billions trapped by corruption

More than six billion people live in countries where serious levels of public sector corruption are fuelling inequality and exploitation and locking millions into poverty, according to Transparency International’s annual index of perceived corruption.

The Corruption Perceptions Index 2015, which ranks 168 countries on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean), is once again topped by Denmark, which scored 91. Close behind are Finland (90), Sweden (89), New Zealand (88) and the Netherlands (87). Germany, Luxembourg and the UK are equal 10th with a score of 81, while the US comes in 16th on 76.

The five countries at the bottom are: Somalia (8); North Korea (8); Afghanistan (11); Sudan (12), and South Sudan (15). Despite the overall picture – and the fact that 53 percent of G20 countries scored less than 50 – Transparency International said triumphs in Guatemala, Ghana and Sri Lanka in 2015 showed that corruption could be tackled if people worked together.