Business leaders call for net-zero emissions

A group of twenty-two major business and civil society leaders, including Sir Richard Branson and Unilever CEO, Paul Polman, have signed a letter to heads of state requesting that an “actionable” long-term emissions goal be included in a Paris climate agreement.

The letter, which was arranged by business-led environmental coalition The B Team, called for any Paris deal to include a global commitment to achieve a net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions economy by 2050.

“We know this is ambitious, but it is ambition that will generate the global momentum and focus that is critical to success,” the letter said.

“The science, economic costs and social risks of climate change are becoming increasingly clear… Now it’s time for world leaders to take a stand and COP21 is that opportunity,” said Branson in a statement.

The signatories also pledged to stand by political leaders in driving forward an ambitious agenda, while urging them to “clarify” their vision.