Dutch plan first plastic road

Dutch construction company, Volker Wessels, is currently at concept design stage with ‘Plastic Road’, which could replace asphalt road surfaces.

It said that the roads would be bedded on sand and form two-way highways with cycle paths on either side.

It hopes to trial the scheme in Rotterdam by 2018. Plastic Road will be prefabricated in slabs, so that new roads can be laid more quickly – and, due to better weather and abrasion resistance, they’ll last three times as long as asphalt, Volker Wessels says.

Asphalt roads are relatively cheap because they can be laid with huge, mostly automated machines.

Asphalt also offers strong grip in the wet and other inclement conditions, and road noise is generally very good.

Plastic tends to be slippery when wet, and it could be costly to make Plastic Road entirely out of recycled materials.