Fortune IDs 50 companies Changing The World

“Business in pursuit of profit still offers the best hope of addressing many of mankind’s most deeply rooted problems. Companies that are making genuine efforts to change the world for the better should be encouraged. The future of capitalism – and the future of mankind – depends on it.”

So says Fortune, which has launched this week the ‘Change the World’ list; identifying 50 companies that are doing well by doing good.

Compiled in partnership with FSG’s Mark Kramer and guided by Harvard professor Michael Porter, the report is meant to shine a spotlight on companies that have made significant progress in addressing major social problems as a part of their core business strategy.

It is based on Fortune’s belief that capitalism should be not just tolerated but celebrated for its power to do good.

At a time when governments are flailing, its powers are needed more than ever.

Fortune does acknowledge that is has made no effort to rate companies on their overall “goodness” or “social responsibility,” a task that it ranks beyond its competence.

“We recognize that these are large global companies with complex operations that may be ameliorating one great global problem even as they contribute to another (and we will continue to encourage our reporters to uncover the latter). Moreover, we acknowledge that some of these companies have undertaken the actions highlighted here in part to counter public criticism for past actions that are less than laudable,” Fortune announced.

Fortune’s Top Ten companies Changing The World are:

1. Vodafone and Safaricom
2. Google (Alphabet)
3. Toyota
4. Walmart
5. Enel
6. GSK
7. Jain Irrigation Systems
8. Cisco
9. Novartis
10. Facebook

The full list is available to view here.