ICCR signs supply chain deal

The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) has announced it had reached an agreement with Ford, General Motors, Hormel, Marriott, Michael Kors who promised to promote ethical recruiting throughout their supply chains.

The companies said they would adopt “no-fees” recruitment policies, which are crucial in reducing problems such as bonded labour, or the loss of identification documents.

Unethical labour recruiters, especially those who bring workers cross-border for companies, have been notorious for charging desperate workers to help them find employment.

The ICCR said the apparel, food and agriculture, automotive and hospitality industry were at high risk. Last year, the NGO KnowTheChain found only six major apparel companies to have instituted a “no-fees” recruitment policy.

In May, the ICCR published a best practices guide on ethical hiring of migrant workers, which called companies to work with their suppliers to adopt new hiring practices.