New Greenpeace Indonesian map launched

Environmental group Greenpeace has launched a new land use map for Indonesia in an attempt to combat deforestation and forest fires.

The new mapping tool offers a comprehensive look at company concession maps, peatland boundaries and species habitats in Indonesia.

Hundreds of fire hotspots have flared up in the archipelago nation in recent weeks, and the online tool lets the public track whether the fires are on palm oil, logging, wood fibre or coal mining concessions, and identify the companies who own the land.

Users can also check if the land in question is forest or peatland, or home to endangered tigers and orangutans.

Identifying the company on whose land the fires are occurring is an important first step to holding companies accountable, as last year’s haze crisis has shown.

Not only did the Indonesian government arrest several people linked to colleagues responsible for the burning, but Singapore Environment Council also led a consumer boycott against Indonesian firm Asia Pulp and Paper, which was found to have many hotspots on its concessions.