New hazard warning device launched

A new wristband designed to reveal which chemicals people are exposed to on a daily basis has been launched via Kickstarter.

It looks like a typical plastic Livestrong wristband, but uses a special material designed to absorb chemicals.

“It soaks up what’s around it, whether you’re swimming, showering, or walking down the street,” says Marc Epstein, CEO of MyExposome.

The wristband is analysed for more than 1,400 chemicals, with a particular focus on those that research suggests may pose a concern. In a pilot screening of 28 people, the startup found 57 chemicals, including at least one flame retardant and one pesticide per person.

This data could be used to determine which chemicals are most common in certain neighbourhoods or across the country. “We think that to some degree the hook for people is to gather their individual data,” Epstein says.

“But we think the long-term societal value is going to be even more impactful.”