NGO accuses top companies on climate change

New research claims that 45 percent of the 100 largest global industrial companies are obstructing climate change legislation, while 95 percent of these companies are members of trade associations demonstrating the same obstructionist behaviour.

This is the key finding of newly formed London based non-profit InfluenceMap, using a unique research methodology developed with Washington based Union of Concerned Scientists.

Google, Unilever and Cisco are ranked as leaders in InfluenceMap’s scoring system, each receiving a ‘B’ for supporting multiple strands of climate policy globally.

This contrasts with companies lower down including BP, Rio Tinto and Procter & Gamble, all of whom have been criticised for their links to BusinessEurope and other lobbying groups.

Gretchen Goldman, from the Union of Concerned Scientists said: “More and more, we’re seeing companies rely on their trade groups to do their dirty work of lobbying against comprehensive climate policies.  It is unacceptable that companies can obstruct climate action in this way without any accountability.”