OPPO Malaysia intensifies CSR effort

Smartphone manufacturer OPPO’s Malaysia staff visited shelter home Rumah Safiyyah to meet underprivileged children and women, as part of a major CSR drive in Malaysia.

The visit to the home comes as a reaffirmation of OPPO’s goal to contribute to social causes as a part of their recently launched Ramadan CSR campaign in Malaysia.

In addition to the staff’s trip to Rumah Safiyyah, the company has also contributed RM 5,000 to the Food Aid Foundation, who provide free food to children in need.

Brand manager of OPPO Malaysia Chen Lu said: “Since OPPO Malaysia’s establishment in Malaysia, we have been consistently active in conducting various corporate social responsibility activities, to encourage our staff in understanding and embracing various community values regardless of race and religion. Through these campaigns, our staff and volunteer participants were given an opportunity to further enhance their people skills, hence applying it to their job in serving our customer better. We urge the members of the public and volunteers to continue its effort in supporting our goodwill to inspire love within our society.”

The brand manager also added that the company was far from done with its social work, stating, “We care about the community and are in the midst of planning for more campaigns as such including collaborations with non-governmental organisations. We will continue to raise this important awareness to build a better community.”