Scotland’s carrier bag charge raises £1 million for good causes

The introduction of a shopping bag charge in Scotland has raised more than £1 million for good causes and reduced usage by more than 80 percent in the space of just six months.

Last October, several nationwide retailers signed up to Zero Waste Scotland’s Carrier Bag Commitment, an agreement to disclose information on the charge to a publicly available portal.

Presently, Asda is indicating a more than 90 percent reduction in single-use carrier bag use, while raising £350,000 for two social enterprise charities – Social Investment Scotland and Foundation Scotland.

The Co-operative Food has used the 5p charge to raise £375,000 for community projects across Scotland, reporting a usage reduction of 80 percent.

Marks & Spencer has raised £214,374 for good causes, with £88,446 going to the Marine Conservation Society, £88,446 going to WWF, including the Orkney sustainable Fishery Improvement Programme, and a further £37,482 going to a range of local Scottish charities.