We need your views for The 2016 SharingValueAsia Summit: “Advancing Through Innovation”

PublicAffairsAsia has announced that this year’s SharingValueAsia Summit is set to take place in Singapore on November 9 and we’re inviting you to participate in the process which will determine the themes, sessions and speakers for the event.

Last year over 220 participants attended the summit and we would like insight from as many companies and organisations as possible as we frame this year’s sessions.

Following last year’s summit we have also produced a two-page infographic on the Essential Components of Partnership and invite you to download it here.

Recognising the vital role innovation, technology and “disruptive” industries can play in addressing social, economic and environmental need, our over-arching working title this year is “The 2016 SharingValueAsiaSummit: Advancing Through Innovation”.

Commenting, Craig Hoy, Executive Director of PublicAffairsAsia, said: “Whether a company is introducing a new product stream, working to remove harmful engine emissions, developing e-health initiatives or embracing new disruptive technologies such as mobile taxi apps, all are doing one thing: seeking to meet society’s needs in a sustainable and profitable way. This year we want to focus on how innovation, both by long-established companies and new kids on the block, can address some of society’s biggest needs and largest problems.”

To frame the conference agenda PublicAffairsAsia invites your engagement and views on the following issues:

  1. Which companies and organisations are effectively embracing innovation to address society’s needs.
  2. How can government and NGOs work to encourage and assist MNCs and domestic Asian enterprises to innovate and develop the solutions and services in the social, environmental, healthcare and economic space
  3. What are the links between innovation and shared value and how can we better create understanding on the need to invest time and resources to innovate for shared value.
  4. Which areas, sectors and problems can benefit most from “accelerated innovation” and how does government and civil society encourage business to address these areas.
  5. How can we establish effective partnership cultures and protocols to create a common drive to innovate in the spheres where it is needed?

We would also welcome your insight on this year’s speakers, sponsors and partners.

If you’d like to speak, or if your organisation would like to become a sponsor or partner, contact Mark O’Brien.