Top companies develop carbon price plans

Walt Disney and Goldman Sachs are among more than 1,200 companies preparing for a future in which governments make businesses pay for their carbon pollution to help stop climate change.

According to a report by CDP, some 1,249 businesses – 23 per cent more than last year – now have an internal carbon price or plan to adopt one soon.

Voluntary carbon pricing by companies has grown as countries have started ratifying the Paris climate change accord, and China has set about launching what is likely to be the world’s biggest carbon trading scheme.


Some of the businesses setting carbon prices said they were doing so to help shape future investment decisions.

This month, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, warned that investors could no longer ignore climate change as they confronted “a swelling tide of climate-related regulations and technological disruption”.

However, more than 500 companies in high-emitting industries had no carbon price or any plans for one, which CDP said could be a concern for investors.