Unilever releases first Human Rights Report

Unilever has this week published its inaugural Human Rights Report, becoming the first company to adopt the new UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework.

The report highlights key areas of progress, including Unilever’s work to empower women, its progress in the fight against sexual harassment, and in addressing health and safety issues across the supply chain.

It also details Unilever’s process for identifying “salient” human rights issues, as defined by the Framework.

A particular focus of the report is harassment, which was the company’s highest internally reported salient issue in 2014.

The report draws attention to key future focus areas, including addressing human rights issues beyond first-tier suppliers, working conditions for migrant labour, and continuing to collaborate to influence systemic change.

The company said that the “overarching learning” from the report was that human rights issues remain “among the toughest challenges we face”.