Walmart makes major CO2 commitment

The world’s largest retailer has launched a sustainability platform which aims to slash one billion tonnes of emissions from its supply chain by 2030, as the company’s latest CSR report reveals that 40 million tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided in the past decade.

Walmart’s Project Gigaton initiative will provide an emissions reduction toolkit to reduce the carbon impact of areas such as manufacturing, materials and use of products.

The pledge to eliminate one billion tonnes of emissions is equivalent to taking more than 211 million passenger vehicles off US roads for a year, and is more than the annual emissions of Germany.

The project will enlist the support of NGOs including WWF to create the emissions reduction toolkit, highlighting the business case for suppliers to get involved with the project.

Other partnerships that Walmart is actively involved in includes ones with non-profit Feed America, contributing to food donation programmes, and a partnership with Tesla to develop energy storage systems.