World Value results published

The results of enso’s 2017 World Value Index are in and brands such as Amazon, Goodwill, Google, World Wildlife Fund and Dove came out on top.

The mission-driven creative company’s annual report benchmarks 150 organizations by measuring and ranking each brand’s overall World Value, as perceived by consumers.

The report’s findings are based on a survey of a nationally representative sample of 3,000 people, across 19 audience demographics and psychographics.

Of the survey questions, trust, personal values and cultural political influences were considered while polling people’s perceptions of all brands.

This year’s Index revealed that age, gender, income, political leanings and global outlook appeared to highly influence brand mission perception and support.

Twitter and Starbucks, for example, ranked high with millennials who are active on social media and like to take action on issues important to them.

Non-profits performed significantly better this year, with Goodwill and Girl Scouts of the USA and Save the Children securing three of the top spots, beating out Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

The World Value Index attributes this to widespread distrust of business despite a general belief in the ability of businesses to drive positive impacts.